I am a one man woodworking shop in Lake Preston, South Dakota that builds commercial and residential cabinets. That pays the bills. I also create my own line of unique, fine quality, furniture and shelving. This gives me pleasure.

Lake Preston is located in the Glacial Lakes region of South Dakota. The town of Lake Preston is in the middle of the four lakes area. It is surrounded by Lake Thompson, Lake Whitewood, Lake Henry and Lake Preston. If hunting, fishing, camping, or just the enjoyment of wildlife appeal to you, please pay a cyber visit to Lake Thompson

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With these pages I hope to show you a little about my life and work. My products are built with the intent that they will become the treasured heirlooms of future generations. I use solid wood in all applications that require long wearing, durable surfaces. I use veneered surfaced plywood or medium density fiberboard, in those places where large panel stability is a factor or where the workability of veneered surfaces lends itself to the design.

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