Commercial Cabinets

  Checkout counter at Cenex Ampride in Luverne MN.
This is a 9' radius counter with 2 cash registers, 2 built in newspaper racks, and a wheelchair accessible checkout area.
It is built on a raised deck with a ramp for handicap accessibility. On the lower left is the self service food dispenser counter. 
On the lower right is the Freshway Food Systems kitchen area serving pizza and sub sandwiches.


072005 005.jpg (66846 bytes)

NAPA Auto Parts Store in Lake Preston SD


St.Johns1.jpg (40743 bytes) Church Kitchen for St. John's Lutheran  in Pipestone MN. Many thanks to Okie Honken for his great design and all of his help. I Have to get back for pictures of the finished project.


Reception Desk at Twin City Fan and Blower Co. in Brookings SD

This desk area has three work stations for telephone, computer, and typing. There is a large lockable office supply storage cabinet along the back wall. The copper stripe is inset into the laminate face of the desk. The entire unit sits on a raised platform.


The Main Stop 
Shell Travel Center in DeSmet SD

This checkout counter has two cash register stations and generous counter space. The rounded angles make this counter user friendly and provide no sharp corners where the laminate is prone to chipping. Locking drawers and a secure area for the safe are provided along with a large area of adjustable shelving. 

In the foreground is an island for hot dogs, nachos, pastries, and a microwave for hot sandwiches. There is a trash container, napkin dispenser, and condiment tray built into the back side.
The counter in the rear serves the kitchen and contains cup, lid, and straw dispensers.
On the top are coffee, cappuccino, and fountain pop machines along with a pizza warming case.


HotelDonaldson.jpg (43419 bytes)

Pine tables and benches for the Hotel Donaldson in Fargo ND.


Gladiator4.JPG (63827 bytes) Trade show counters for Freshway Food Systems and Gladiator Pizza of Sioux Falls South Dakota Tradeshow2.jpg (202994 bytes)


Dairy Queen in DeSmet SD

21 feet of front counter and 13 feet of back counter provide plenty of working and storage space for this franchise.



Valley Lanes in Brandon SD

This large wraparound counter serves as the control area for this bowling center. There is a large food service area on the right. The next section raises to 48 inches tall and contains shoe storage and the control boxes for the lanes and the sound and light systems. There is a drop down to 42 inches for a checkout area and then back up to 48 inches for a glass front lighted display case. All angles are gently rounded for durability and a more appealing look.


October1204 012.jpg (2188702 bytes)

BP Station in Brookings SD

Galvanized steel fronts give these counters  an interesting look.


October1204 010.jpg (544614 bytes)


Note the large drawers in this hospital kitchen and the shelf for patient dietary records


mankato.jpg (174170 bytes)

The new BP colors at the BP truck stop in Mankato MN


I now have access to a CNC router which can create a very custom look to your commercial projects. To the right is a laminate inlay design. I can inlay your company logo into the laminate on your cabinets. Below are some signs that were routed and then painted in a variety of materials and some inlaid trash doors.

mar1104 038.jpg (528811 bytes)
signs.jpg (420101 bytes)

Image6.jpg (7848 bytes)

Image7.jpg (8773 bytes)


wpe3.jpg (8808 bytes)

Glass Display Checkout counter in the off sale liquor store at Whiskey Bills in Lake Preston 


Chemistry Lab at Lake Preston High School. 
Tops are Wilson Art Chem-Surface. 


Checkout and sink counters for the River of the Double Bend Campground in Trent SD. Stop and see Morris and Debra. They'll take you for a canoe trip down the Big Sioux River and you can spend the night in one of their tipis. 


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