Kitchen Cabinets


Radius corner
display cabinet
Large drawers
for pots and pans


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Reproduction of a Hoosier cabinet with slide out porcelain top, tambour doors, and lighted display shelves.

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These Kitchens are some of my favorites. Quarter sawn oak and the straight lines of the frame and panel design result in a simple elegance. The fire place is in the corner of the kitchen

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The owners of this log house wanted their kitchen to blend in with the cedar logs in the rest of the house. We chose hickory for it's richly contrasting colors.
The dark heartwood boards are blended 
with the light colored sapwood. 


This was one of the last houses that my brother and I built together. We built houses one at a time and did just about everything but the electrical work. As our age caught up with us he went in to selling real estate and I moved in to my cabinet shop to work full time.

Kitchen and fireplace for a restoration in an older house.

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This is a remodel of a century old farmhouse
in Kingsbury County, South Dakota.

Note the stainless steel sink with built in  drain boards. The desk on the right has hanging files in the lower drawers.

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Multiple angles and inset doors made this kitchen a challenge

This kitchen has  a lot of storage space


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